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We Love Seylynn Hall Summer Festival!

A show to bring everybody together to show the love and support that there is for the positive and wonderful nature of Seylynn Hall!

Recently a letter was written denouncing Seylynn and accusing it of being a haven for drug dealers and teenagers using any and whatever drugs they wanted and was sent off to some very high authoritative figures in the North Van district. This brought on the threat of Seylynn being shut down all because of this misinformed individual's first time experience there. (he didn't even stay for very long/falsely claimed to be the vice president of the vancouver students council/declined to come forward about his concerns at our bi-weekly Seylynn meetings)

The reaction towards this has been nothing but anger and frustration because all that was written in this letter was false and very uninformed, especially to the people ON the committee who work very hard and put all of their effort in making sure every show goes well.

What we're asking is to please come out and support this hall and show that it is nothing other than a place to bring positivity and keep the youth out of trouble! We need as much positive support as we can get.

If you have anything to say about your experience with Seylynn that in any way has been positive or whatever.... please send an e-mail to seylynn@gmail.com

Thank you again for everything. It is YOU that keeps this place up and alive and running strong as it has for the past 9 years!

When: SATURDAY, July 23
Who: Golden Phoenix, They Shoot Horses Don't They?, Bend Sinister, The Redscare, The Killerwhales
Where: Seylynn Hall!
605 Mountain Hwy
North Van.
Info: 7 pm sharp! tix at the door $10

Seylynn Hall Bricolage Productions

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