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Sound of Disaster! http://www.radioglendon.com/

A sweet radio show every week on Mondays from 8pm till 9pm playing the best hardcore and punk that is at the shows dj's reach! None of this radio poppy shit that is considered punk or hardcore these days on mainstream radio... that is all a joke. This is the real stuff. Excellent quality.

If you want to be exposed or just listen in on some authentic stuff (or because you're just too lazy to put on your own music) click to the listen live if you're not in the stations local area and tune in. Believe me, its worth it.

Run by a couple of punks straight outta Toronto. Done totally D.I.Y. for the love and interest of the music and those who share the same feelings!

Sound Of Disaster!
Every week on monday night from 8pm till 9pm your local time.

Don't diss it right away, check it out.
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